Dune director supports Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow lawsuit

Dune’s director, Denis Villeneuve, came out in support of Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney for alleged breach of contract by Marvel’s Black Widow.

Dune Director Denis Villeneuve says he supports Scarlett Johansson Kali Mai court case. Kali Mai It is the 24th MCU film and Johansson’s final appearance as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, making her debut this summer after a prolonged delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With frequent reshuffling of release dates and the emergence of Disney+, the film was finally released on July 9, 2021, with a simultaneous theatrical and Disney+ Premiere Access debut, which is believed to have performed worse at the box office than the film. source of performance. Previous Marvel movies.

With a budget of $200 million, Kali Mai Pulled in $368 million worldwide, while the last three Marvel films grossed over a billion (or two billion in.) avengers: endgamecase) worldwide, though none of them were facing a stalled box office due to the global pandemic. For Johansson, whose salary and back-end deal Kali Mai Was associated with theatrical performance, the loss is tremendous. The actor’s lawsuit claims breach of contract when Disney decided to launch the film in theaters alongside its streaming platform, adding that the terms would be renegotiated when a decision was made to change the release strategy. No attempt was made to do so.

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in an interview with lapresiIn , director Denis Villeneuve spoke out in support of Johansson’s lawsuit, emphasizing that contracts should be awarded by studios in the same way they are awarded by talent. NS Dune The director has also faced a new release strategy in the form of his latest film, Dune, an adaptation of the Frank Herbert sci-fi novel, is also releasing simultaneously in streaming and theatres. Villeneuve has been vocal about supporting the theatrical experience, calling Dunne A tribute to the big screen experiencehandjob While also coming with the new reality of streaming. Read Villeneuve’s full quote below:

“What if the opposite happened and we don’t honor the contracts that we have signed on our behalf? Asks the filmmaker. Also, it is wrong to assume that cinema on the big screen is not doing well. But The industry is on a roller coaster ride, contrary to Wall Street’s desire for stability. And these platforms provide fixed income to subscription studios. I have nothing against platforms, quite the contrary. They give us a lot of cinema. are an extraordinary tool to provide access to memory. But the career of any film must first start with the big screen. From now on, I will also contractually seeking to release my films exclusively in theatres. “

Denis Villeneuve Dunes HBO Max Release

For Villeneuve, box office performance Dune This means more than just a successful race, as it can make or break possibility of making Dune: Part Two, which would be the second part of his adaptation of Frank Herbert’s book. However, The WB is proud of the final product, believing that the film will have to perform very well to prevent a second part from being made. As for Johansson, whose running in the MCU has now stopped, the trial is still pending and she has begun taking on new projects, including a role in Wes Anderson’s next film.

As the pandemic continues to overwhelm and replace the traditional box office model, Kali Mai Will likely stand out as the film that helped change the way we deal with talent going forward. For streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, big bucks are negotiated rather than back-end performance, especially if the film doesn’t have a theatrical window. This type of deal would certainly have stalled the lawsuit for Johansson, who would instead become the example that everyone learns from moving forward. Actress Emma Stone recently used the lawsuit as a means of negotiating the terms for his return a Cruella sequel. It’s unclear how his lawsuit will pan out, but hopefully Disney will do well and learn its lesson for a future release that will change strategy without having to renegotiate with the talent.

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