Dune director Denis Villeneuve reveals his own drug experience influenced Timothée Chalamet’s outlook

Dune can be a sci-fi adventure full of giant sand worms and spaceships, but there are aspects of the movie that are based on real life. At least, according to director Denis Villeneuve, whose run-ins with the edgy pastry contributed to Timothée Chalamet’s vision of portraying Paul Atreides as Paul Atreides. That’s enough of a story.

in an interview with Directors Guild of AmericaDenis Villeneuve reveals the drug-fueled experience that influenced Paul Atreides’ horrifying vision Dune, He elaborated:

The truth is that one thing really helped me direct Timothy [Chalamet] Yes, my son made a banana cake a few months before the shooting of the film, and the banana cake was very ‘spicy’ and I had the worst trip of my life. But it helped me a lot, it sounds silly, but sometimes it’s good to experience things for yourself. That bad trip on marijuana helped me a lot to direct Timothy in visions, to explain to him the situation I was looking for. And, surprisingly, when I mentioned the banana cake experience to Timothy, he understood. Here is the truth. Don’t try this!

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