Downton Abbey: 10 saddest things about Lady Mary Crowley

recently released Downton Abbey: A New Era The world of the Crawley family and their servants has given fans yet another exciting insight. While Lady Mary Crawley hasn’t proven to be a run-of-the-mill, post-Edwardian heroine, the film continues to convey her resolute personality. From the first episode, she came across as a decisive, no-nonsense and free-spirited young woman who undeniably refused to go about her social duties. Although she is often referred to as icy or clever, Mary is nuanced and grounded in knowing her preferences.

It is important to know that Mary has always been aware of her privileges and limitations and was probably one of the most worldly people in her family. But his life was not easy. She lost her beloved husband Matthew in a tragic accident and also experienced some personal setbacks.

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Trauma around Pamuki

The Turkish diplomat, Kemal Pamuk, forces himself on Mary during her visit to Downton, saying that she will be disgraced if she raises the alarm. Then he suddenly dies in her bed after suffering a heart attack. Mary, accompanied by her staff and her mother, is able to move the body back to her bed to make it look like she had a heart attack in her sleep.

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The whole episode shook Mary quite a bit, especially since she couldn’t talk about it at all, not to mention the scandal threatens her future prospects. She was even blackmailed by her then fiancé Sir Richard, who was a newspaper publisher, and threatened to expose her.

he felt suffocated in his world

Mary Crawley wearing sunglasses at Downton Abbey

Unlike her sisters, Mary could never really make peace with the limitations of her social and financial status and in the first season in particular, she questioned many aspects of her life, although she admittedly rarely . During a conversation with Matthew, she briefly opens up about how suffocated she felt in her world.

“Women like me don’t have a life. We choose clothes, work for charities and weather, but we’re really stuck in a waiting room until we get married…

unfair inheritance rule

Neither Mary nor any of her sisters could inherit Downton, due to a rather dated and sexist inheritance rule that stated that property could only be inherited by male heirs. Mary was unofficially betrothed to her cousin Patrick, who had inherited Downton after her father’s death. But after Patrick dies, Mary and the Crawley family are completely shocked because it means Mary will no longer be able to hold Downton and will need to find another boyfriend.

Much of Mary’s anger actually stemmed from this unfair and misogynistic legitimacy of inheritance law during her time, which left young women with little choice. Even if a woman is well educated, progressive and empowered, she struggles to find a way to rely on herself for income.

can never prioritize love

Mary lived in a world where title and inheritance came before love, and this became even more prominent during the first season when she was discouraged from saying yes to Matthew’s proposal, even if she wanted to. Matthew was the male heir to Downton, but as Lady Mary’s mother, Cora Crowley, becomes pregnant with a male child, Mary’s aunt, Lady Rosemond, tells her that she should not say yes yet.

This breaks Matthew’s heart and he becomes involved in battle, and when Mary comes across as a manipulative and calculating person, she was simply concerned about her future, as she had little on him. was control.

the death of her husband

Lady Mary and Matthew Crowley in Downton Abbey

Losing Matthew was definitely one of the most painful things Mary and her reaction proved she really has heart, Not only did they build a life together, but they had just one child and Matthew’s sudden death in a car accident was a huge blow.

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“With Matthew’s death, all the tenderness that he found in me seems to have withered and withered. Maybe it was only in his imagination,” a grieving Mary tells her grandmother , which advises Mary to choose between death and life.

was made to feel like a black sheep

In the fourth episode of the first season, Mary shares an intense dialogue with her mother where she tears up about her anger in an unfair world. mary can be a strong woman so many great quotesBut she never really shares her feelings, so it turned out to be a remarkable moment as the audience finally understands her.

Mary essentially felt like the black sheep in her family as she took a lover without even thinking about marriage. To make matters worse, her father had found an heir to her family home and felt quite displaced. She tells her mother that she knows that her father will not fight for her.

When Matthews accused Swire’s letter of forgery

Dan Stevens as Matthew Crowley in Downton Abbey

Matthew never wanted to inherit Reggie Swier’s estate and was still haunted by too much guilt for breaking his late daughter’s heart. Although inheriting the money would mean that Matthew could have saved Downton, he now wanted to take the moral path.

He also refuses to read Swier’s letter, which actually frees Matthew from all guilt. When Mary reads the letter to Matthew, he shockingly accuses Mary of being forged because she so badly wanted to save Downton.

she was slut-shamed

Maybe annoying things that mary did Downton Abbey, but she didn’t deserve to feel terrible insecurities about her tasteless experience with Pamuk. This comes up over and over on the show and is almost a sore thumb as it threatens Mary’s reputation. Mary was quite strict on herself and had made peace with the fact that she could be ruined in the eyes of society and lost her chances.

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She was even ready to marry Sir Richard, so that he would not put her family to shame. She tells her father, “In mother’s words, I’m spoiled now, and yet Richard is ready to marry me, to give me a position, to give me a life.”

She was blackmailed by Sir Richard

Sir Richard Carlisle and Lady Mary Crowley in Downton Abbey

in Downton Abbey, Mary was treated vilely by Sir Richard Carlisle, who practically blackmailed her into an engagement. He expressed interest in marrying Mary, but it became very clear that he was attracted to her title and social status and did not love her.

Mary tells him about her history with Pamuk and enters into an arrangement that she will marry him if she keeps it a secret. But Richard becomes extremely jealous of Mary’s relationship with Matthew and accuses her of infidelity, threatening to reveal her secret. It was only after Mary’s father intervened that Mary found the courage to dump him.

Mary worked hard to move on from Matthew

Lady Mary and Henry Talbot at Downton Abbey

It is no strange that Mary found it difficult to date anyone after Matthew as she was devastated by his sudden demise. while there were Others who should have been with Mary Downton Abbey, once she became involved with Henry, her previous marriage put a heavy burden on her. And though Henry was a decent man, it didn’t help that he was a race car driver.

Since Matthew died in a car accident, Mary could not stay around the cars and spoke to Henry about her concern. Luckily, Henry was sensitive enough to understand her trauma and help her through it.

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