Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 come with a charger? what you need to know

Samsung did a lot in the Galaxy S22 series – including everything from the 120Hz display to the better cameras. But do the phones come with a charger?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Chain tries to offer every spec and amenity under the sun – But does that mean it comes with charger in the box? Few years back, no one thought of this question while buying a new phone. Regardless of who made the smartphone or what it cost, it was expected to come with a charging cable and charging adapter. Things have always been like this and buyers have got used to it.

In recent years, however, this has changed. In 2020, Apple made headlines when it released the iPhone 12 and did not include a charging adapter in its box. Customers furious about this decision Online and other companies constantly mocked Apple for this. But within a few months, the lack of a charging adapter became the ‘new normal’. As shoppers got used to the idea, other brands like Google and Samsung followed suit, and Apple continued the trend by not offering a charger with the iPhone 13.

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With all this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Galaxy S22 Series There is also no charger in its box. Regardless of whether one buys a Galaxy S22, S22+, or S22 Ultra, none of the phones are sold with a charger. This strategy is not new to Samsung at this time. This year’s Galaxy S21 FE didn’t include a charger, nor did last year’s Galaxy S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra. This is a trend Samsung is stuck with For the long haul, for better or for worse.

Why is there no charger with the Galaxy S22

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As is the case with every phone launched without a charger, there are two reasons why it’s not included – one the company tells the public, and the other it’s a well-known secret. According to Samsung, phones like the Galaxy S22 are sold without a charger Make the product more environmentally friendly, And this is a very valid point! Not including a charger with the S22 means it may ship in a smaller box, resulting in Samsung using less plastic and cardboard for its packaging. The smaller box also means Samsung can fit more units into the cargo plane/truck at once, further reducing its carbon emissions. And, last but certainly not least, the lack of chargers means there’s one less thing to potentially end up in landfills.

But there is another reason why companies like Samsung and Apple does not include charger – And that reason is money. Charging adapters aren’t expensive accessories on their own, but when shipping millions upon millions with every phone, it’s a cost that quickly adds up. Companies now know that they can sell phones without a free charger, yet people will buy them, and this saves those companies a significant amount of cash. Some might call it greedy, but that’s how business works.

While not getting a charger with Samsung can be annoying Galaxy S22, There are ample charging options available for, Virtually any USB-C cable + wall adapter will charge the phone just fine. If someone doesn’t already have the adapter, they can buy the adapter directly from Samsung or get a third party online one. All S22 models also support Qi wireless charging in case one chooses to refuel this way.

Best charger to buy for Galaxy S22

Galaxy S22 Duo Wireless Charger

Before buying a charger for Galaxy S22, the first thing to note is the supported charging speed. While the standard Galaxy S22 supports 25W wired charging, the Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra support 45W fast charging. Wireless charging speed max 15W. Is All three on the phone. Samsung’s Super Fast Wall Charger costs $19.99 for the 25W version and $49.99 for the 45W version. Buyers looking at third-party options can check out the Anker Nano II series, which is available in a variety of power capacities. The 30W option costs $33.99, while the 45W charger costs $39.99. Anker chargers have foldable prongs, making them a compact, travel-friendly option. There’s also a 25W Spigen ArcStation Super Mini priced at $19.99 and a 45W Nektech charger for $21.99, the latter being a budget-friendly option that comes with an attached USB-C cable.

For Galaxy S22 users looking for a Qi-certified wireless charger, Samsung’s Super Fast Wireless Charger retails for $59.99 and offers a maximum 15W charging speed. Users who have Galaxy Buds Or pick up the Duo Wireless Charger for Galaxy Watch 89.99, which can charge the phone and another accessory simultaneously. Other options include the Belkin Boost Charge Wireless Charging Pad which is pretty affordable at $39.99, and for an even cheaper option, the Nanami Wireless Charger that costs just $13.99. Unfortunately, Nanami Charger limits wireless charging speed Samsung Galaxy S22 10W series.

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