Doc Ok and Green Goblin invade the sanctum sanctorum in No Way Home fan poster

Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Santorum features web slingers and potential villains in poster art created by a fan artist for Spider-Man No Way Home.

astonishing Spider-Man: No Way Home Poster art includes the web slinger in Doctor Strange’s sanctum and members of the Sinister Six. The film, set for release in theaters on December 17, follows threats from different universes after Spider-Man is revealed when Doctor Strange attempts to change his timeline. actors of previous incarnations of Spider Man, as Alfred Molina’s Doc Ok returns to fight the current Spider-Man, as seen in new spider man no way home Images.

The fan poster was created by Venomology, a popular Dubai based artist who shows off his poster concept and fan art on Instagram. Some of his notable works include the rendition of Will Poulter as Adam Warlock after news of his casting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3MILF in her updated outfit from the end of Wanda wandavision, and a fake poster for the rumored World War Hulk project from Marvel. Currently, his page has accumulated more than 53,000 followers.

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on 23 October, toxicology Poster uploaded for fan art spider man no way home Including Spider-Man in the sanctum and members of the Sinister Six. Venomhology highlights some images that have already appeared in trailers for the film and others that have gone toe-to-toe with the wall crawler in Sony’s previous productions. The original post can be seen below:

Together doctor ok And Pumpkin Bomb is being shown in the trailer, highlighting what’s shown on the left side of the poster. Shows what can be seen on the right. the amazing Spider Man Andrew Garfield’s rendition of Peter Parker was seen on The Lizard (portrayed by Rhys Ifans), then Jamie Foxx’s electro in the sequel. However, it is not known whether these versions of the villain will be featured in the latest film. Sam Raimi’s version of Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire also featured a version of Doctor Kurt Connors, the man who turns into a lizard, portrayed by Dylan Baker.

Foxx’s Electro is also not the only electro-based villain to show up, as Bokeem Woodbine appeared as Shocker. spider man homecoming. The film’s director Jon Watts says: no way home same as avengers: endgame and will display the characters of the denominator Spider Man Chain. With a variety of villains, some with multiple depictions and some with common traits or abilities, it is unclear which of the six would form the infamously evil gallery of heroes.

Venomology’s work does a great job at uncovering the character’s stance for justice and the ever-increasing odds that rise against it. As more details about the upcoming film are revealed, it will be interesting to see if his choice for the roster of villains is the right one, along with who the other two will join the fight. The film will only continue to attract speculation and intrigue. have hope, Spider-Man: No Way Home Can manage and meet the expectations of the fans on which they continue to build.

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Source: toxicology

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