DJ Pooh reveals why Dr. Dre was blown away by GTA 5

Dr. Dre almost didn’t get onboard for his GTA 5 cameo, but DJ Pooh showed him the game, which clearly impressed him.

In a recent interview, DJ Pooh commented on Dr. Dre’s involvement and introduction to the world Grand Theft Auto 5, adding that the legendary rapper and producer was blown away by the game. Former NWA member and hip-hop icon as pictured recently gta online Expansion contract With Jimmy Iovine – an in-game event that caught the attention of many gamers and even led to the recent release of particular gta 5 Dr. Dreze’s Music,

gta online Arrival of players contract Last year, an addition that added loads of new content to the massively popular online game. in addition to strengthening gta online With some strong narrative missions and new activities, contract provided some fan service by bringing back Franklin Clinton, one of the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto 5 Story. While this was a welcome addition to many players, the most talked about aspect of this content drop was the fact that Dr. Dre himself will lend his voice and likeness to the game, allowing players to interact with this musical icon in a virtual space. This particular cameo created so much hype that even Other GTA Cast members were unaware About the role of Dr. Dre until the end.

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While Dr. Dre’s presence gta online Certainly important in the gaming world, it couldn’t have happened without the help of fellow hip-hop legend DJ Pooh. in an interview with betDJ Pooh commented that Dr. Dre was mostly unaware GTA And gaming in general until DJ Pooh, a fan of the franchise, showed him the game. In DJ Pooh’s own words, Dre was “blow upFrom the amount of content and freedom the game offers. It seems that Dre was also drawn to versatility and variety. gta vThe gameplay, as noted by DJ Pooh, was influenced by features such as vehicle customization and gunplay.

Dr. Dre was probably unfamiliar grand theft auto Before his cameo, but he’s definitely attached to the series. except for cool bits of trivia gta 5 Actor Sean Fonteno Knows Dr. DreDre and his contemporaries had a great influence not only on gta vbut GTA San Andreas as well. old San Andreas Doctor. Dre, in fact, its original, iconic score is clearly influenced by NWA and other 1990s west coast hip-hop.

This is all to say that Dr. Dre allegedly “blow up” By gta 5 Rather, it is healthy and heartwarming, as it symbolizes the union of the mind. It’s not clear what the future holds for GTA following series Grand Theft Auto 5, but maybe Dr. Dre will be a part of it. At the very least, he may be inspired to play the next installment in the franchise.

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