Disney’s The Aristocats live-action remake in development

A live-action remake of The Aristocats is currently in development at Disney. The 1970 classic followed Persian cats on a journey back home.

a live-action remake of The Aristocats Currently in development at Disney. The original animated film, based on the story by Tom McGown and Tom Rowe, was released in 1970 by Walt Disney Productions. The film follows a family of Persian cats who are set to inherit their owner’s fortune, but must find their way home with the help of a smooth-talking alley cat after their owner’s devious butler kidnaps And they should be left in the countryside.

According to comicbook.comDisney is now developing a live-action remake of the beloved children’s classic. The script of the film is in hand Peter RabbitWill Gluck and AheadKeith Bunin and Gluck’s Olive Bridge Entertainment. Details on the project are still scarce as it is still in early development, but the film will most likely follow a similar look and feel. Disney’s live-action remake Tramp. lady in,

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live-action remake of The Aristocats It’s no surprise that Disney has been phasing out renditions of animated classics for quite some time, especially in the last decade. While the appetite for live-action movies proves alive, the reactions don’t always match up. Take, The Lion King, For example, which currently holds the most grosses for a Disney live-action remake. Although it produced strong results at the box office, many in reviewing the film expressed the remake was not in line with the magic of the animated version, even with BeyoncĂ© as part of the cast.

Disney shows no signs of stopping its investment in the live-action remake. Fortunately, the company has a large library to join, especially when they search for character based movies like Cruella, Films centered on animals, however, are tricky, as the production needs to balance the use of live-animals and animatronics, which can easily take the audience out of the film. Hopefully, Disney can find its place of choice by learning from and applying it to past films. The Aristocats,

Source: comicbook.com

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