Disney Parks FastPass Replacement Details Revealed

Disney Parks reveals that FastPass will be replaced by Genie — a Disney app feature that aids with trip planning and offers paid add-ons for line bypassing.

Disney Parks Has announced a replacement for FastPass – a popular virtual system that allows guests quick access to attractions. After being closed for a year during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, parks have changed drastically when they reopen. On the one hand, the pandemic allowed for autocratic creation and development, lending itself well to Disney Park Expansion. On the other hand, reopening has changed many of the processes and benefits familiar to guests.

One advantage that Disney didn’t have when it reopened was the popular FastPass system. FastPass was a free virtual system that allowed guests to bypass long lines to various attractions and amenities. The functions of the system depended on which park it was used for and also included paid variations such as MaxPass and FastPass+. This system allowed guests to be at the front of the line at a specific time for several attractions per day, allowing guests to plan their day in advance and make the most of their time. However, FastPass was suspended after the parks were reopened to comply with safety and distancing procedures.

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as reported by D23Disney Parks has officially announced the end of the FastPass system and its replacement with Genie. D23 had an exclusive interview with Disney Park Experience and Chairman of Products, Josh D’Amaro, who filled in the guests on what a genie is. The Genie will be included and included in Disneyland and the My Disney Experience app. It would be a more comprehensive and spontaneous system that would use one’s demographics and preferences to plan the day for them, rather than requiring the user to plan their day. Within Genie is Genie+, a paid add-on that will replace FastPass, and allow guests to choose one attraction at a time to gain faster access via “Lightning Lane.” Watch D’Armo’s statement below:

Genie lives on your phone; This is an app that will remain within the existing Disneyland and My Disney Experience apps when it launches. And you’re basically telling Genie what you’re particularly interested in, whether you’re with young kids or with a group of friends and you’re interested in children’s charms or princesses or superheroes. Genie is going to take all the input and tell you, “This is what you should be doing and how you can have the most fun at the Disney park.” He’s changing the game. It takes all the pressure off you to create a spreadsheet and think, what do I do now? What do I do next? It is right there. Not only is this all fine, but if you decide you’ve changed your interest or what you want to do while you’re there, Genie can work in the background to do that for you. It relieves pressure to make sure you’re maximizing your time. I think it changes everything. We are taking more than 60 years of experience and data and applying artificial intelligence on top of that. And now you have a tool that is game changing. If you want to be even more flexible and want more convenience, there is Genie+. The easiest way to think about it is MaxPass at Disneyland, which I think as D23 fans know, was highly successful and highly adopted. You can think of Disney Genie+ as the next evolution of MaxPass in our parks. It is super easy and convenient. And above and beyond that, there are some attractions that use a Lightning Lane queue — which you can purchase in person — that is the ultimate in flexibility.

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Genie+ is an add-on for Genie that is similar to MaxPass and FastPass and will cost guests $15 – $20 per ticket. There will also be a third add-on that allows guests to visit more than one attraction at a time using Lightning Lane for additional costs that have not yet been specified. Genie can certainly be a useful tool in helping guests plan their trip based on their specific interests and desires. However, replacing the free FastPass system with a paid option, Genie+, will be disappointing for guests. Disney’s Got Some Shade Already their high prices star wars hotels, and guests are likely to express similar dissatisfaction with the expensive Genie+ system.

While the price of Genie’s add-ons can be disappointing, it is not necessarily shocking. After its pandemic losses, it should come as no surprise that Disney will be suspending the FastPass system. They were certainly losing out on potential profits, given that most amusement parks use line-skipping systems that come with a cost. Meanwhile, the free FastPass system resulted in longer wait times as well as more cluttered lines due to the sheer number of guests using it — something that could be avoided with the Genie+’s price tag. in totality, Disney Parks Genie is a new and innovative system, and it remains to be seen how it scales up to FastPass. Guaranteed that all guests will enjoy Genie’s trip planning benefits and be free to choose how much they spend on the Genie+ add-on.

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Source: D23

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