Destiny 2: How to Get Thunderlord (Alien Machine Gun)

Thunderlord Destiny 2 has an exotic machine gun and is great to add to the obvious. This weapon can perform lightning strikes to destroy groups of enemies.

Thunderlord is an alien machine gun fate 2 which was added to leave Expansion. This arc weapon is incredibly fun to use and is great for crowd control. While not as efficient as the other options in the Heavy slot, Thunderlord can still deal significant damage to owners. Season 18 will introduce Arc 3.0 subclasses, and this machine gun can sync well with the new fragments and aspects. Thunderlord is a world drop in fate 2But it was not always so.

Originally, players had to complete several stages before being rewarded with the coveted alien. The quest was split into three weeks and could have been sourced from Amanda Holiday Tower Inn fate 2, He has the Guardians collect legendary engrams and defeat bosses in specific Lost Sectors. In the final quest, via a teleport pad on the EDZ, the Guardians were teleported to the Cosmodrome, and were to defeat a Fallen Boss. The Thunderlord was the first machine gun designed for the . was added to fate 2 and marked the return of the weapon archetype.

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Exotics are a fun way to enhance gameplay and, at times, have specific features for a specific weapon. Thunderlord comes with the internal Attribute Reign, which generates lightning strikes at the target’s location. The Exotic also has the perk Lightning Rounds, which allows the weapon to trigger faster and more accurately. Additionally, lightning strikes the target, causing sustained damage. Thunderlord can be considered a machine gun version of fate 2foreign sniper rifle can strike, Both weapons generate lightning strikes and excel at crowd control. Unlike Cloudstrike, Thunderlord doesn’t require Guardians to make precise hits to activate its effects.

How to get Thunderlord in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Thunderlord Perk Internal Traits

This Alien Machine Gun Is a World Drop In fate 2, This means that there is a random chance that an alien Engram will turn into Thunderlord. These rare items come from any activity in the game, but there are game modes that have increased drop rates. Guardians with a Fireteam can complete Nightfalls for less chance of finding an alien engram, with rates increasing on higher difficulties. Alternatively, the player can purchase select weapons and armor from Xur every weekend fate 2, An exotic engram can also be purchased, rewarding a random piece of gear. Fortunately, weapons that have not yet been received will be given priority first. This means that Guardians have a guaranteed chance of eventually getting Thunderlord after a certain number of Alien Engrams.

Ark ain’t got time to shine yet fate 2, Season 18 will change this by introducing new reworked subclasses. Guardians are left to speculate about Ark 3.0’s potential. Thunderlord is one of the best machine guns in the game. Even though Ark 3.0 doesn’t increase the power of the weapon, using this alien while clearing material can be some of the most fun guardians have ever had.

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