Deathstroke’s Speed ​​Force redesign needs a comeback

Deathstroke’s general look is memorable, but one of his best costumes came from a crossover event, The Lazarus Contract, and it needs to be returned!

In dc comics, death stroke One iconic mercenaries, villains, and sometimes antagonists who once wore a Speed ​​Force outfit during a crossover event titled, Lazarus contract, and now it’s time for that suit to return to the comics! Having power cords and lightning streaks all over his body is undoubtedly one of Slade Wilson’s best looks ever, and fans deserve to revisit it.

As seen during the story arc, Lazarus contract, with a revolving cast of actors by Priest, Benjamin Percy, and Dan Abnett, it brings a four-part crossover titans, the Teen Titans, and Deathstroke itself together for an event unlike any other. Wants to travel back in time to save his son Grant from the death he blames teen TitansOf course, it’s clear that Deathstroke will stop at nothing to accomplish its goals, even if it means leaving a trail of dead heroes after that.

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In an effort to make both Flash and Kid Flash capture his Speed ​​Force energy (thus giving him the ability to time travel), Deathstroke is soon replaced by Nightwing aka Dick Grayson and the entire roster of Titans led by the Teen Titans. need to struggle with. , led by Robin aka Damien Wayne. Slade is finally able to “convince” him if he can save his son, promising to put Deathstroke’s nickname behind him. kid flash Help her in her plan and receives a sweet outfit redesign who instantly becomes one of her best in the process.

Deathstroke's Speed ​​Force outfit and weapons

Using the Speed ​​Force energy stolen in his Icon suit through a sort of “Extractor” type of battery technology, Deathstroke transforms into a lightning-powered baddie with matching speed powers. Dressed in a full black tactical suit, with lightning and lightning bolt accents, Deathstroke also receives a supercharged sword that radiates his excess energy in a way that makes his already lethal weapon even more powerful .

Dangerous enough in itself already, Deathstroke is getting a speed upgrade only the fastest among the speedsters What a huge achievement for a man who could bring down an entire Justice League in the blink of an eye. And by changing your usual orange and blue look (save for the orange on your mask) to something more monochromatic, sleek, and form-fitting, Deathstroke mixes the two looks in a way that inspires as much as it looks .

So although it may be difficult for “The Fastest Killer Alive” to once again steal the Flash family’s powers so that he can redesign his Speed ​​Force, Slade is the kind of person who can do it a second time if he can. was so inclined death stroke A killer look on a normal day, but bringing back this one-and-done outfit will be a treat that fans will totally love to see.

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