Deadpool is freeing the penguins from the Nazis, A Story from Jay Baruchel

In the latest issue of Deadpool: Black, White and Blood, Jay Baruchel writes a short story about Wade Wilson saving penguins from Nazi nuns.

Warning! spoilers ahead Deadpool: Black, White and Blood #3

in one of deadpool More funny stories, Wade Wilson fights (literally) Nazi nuns on a mission to save penguins. To make things even more eerie, the story is featured in Deadpool’s stream black White & Blood Miniseries written by none other than Hollywood star Jay Baruchel. Clearly, Wade Wilson is now deeply in love with Penguin and wants one of his own. However, to get one, he has to go to a “penguin convent” (because they exist), where he soon encounters nuns who are much more frightening than Deadpool.

Hilariously, it quickly becomes clear that Baruchel and artist Paco Medina’s short story “The Worst Convent in the World” is the classic “What’s Black, White, and Read All Over?” But there’s a Deadpool-themed riff. joke. However, instead of having the expected punchline of a newspaper, Wade Wilson delivers a much more bloody one that involves the slaughter of said penguins and Nazis disguised as nuns. As the story begins, Deadpool kills a group of cartel gunmen For a hotel manager whose tourists were being shot, though Wade did not want to pay in cash. Instead, he wanted to pay with a live penguin. However, when the manager bought a penguin named “Penguin” from a nuns’ convent, he did not hear back, prompting Wade to go to the Himalayas to secure his penguin for himself.

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Although Deadpool’s love for penguins has been like never before (which Wade himself notes in the issue), Wade is determined to name his penguin Penguin. However, she soon learns that the nuns running the convent are not real nuns, seeing how they are all armed with assault rifles and have an insane amount of cocaine. When he interrogates, the nuns openly admit that they are a group of drug-addicted Nazis who have somehow found a convent and a group of penguins, not knowing what to do next. In reply, Deadpool logically kills them all, while also freeing Penguin and his fellow penguin friends in the process.


Overall, this short story is a wild ride in every sense of the word: the premise, the Nazi nun, Deadpool’s sudden love for penguins, the whole thing being a parody on the newspaper joke just because the colors of the issue are black, white. are, and red, and the fact that it was all written by Jai Baruchel. However, the cherry on top should be the final panel where Penguin has a full conversation with Wade, who wants to move on. real housewives Wade’s internal monologue on the flight home as well. Clearly, this is a really ridiculous story that could only work with Deadpool, and thus could be one of the biggest additions Miracle black, white and blood Compilation till now.

Most Deadpool stories are inherently ridiculous to begin with thanks to Wade’s mental instability, his ability to break the fourth wall, and his overall characterization. That being said, “The Vost Convent in the World” is a cut of the above hilariously, and Baruchel and Medina are to be commended. The levels of wacky and weird are too high for such a short story, making this a particularly point of Deadpool: Black, White and Blood Incredibly entertaining and worthwhile for fans of Merck with the Mouth.

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