DC’s President Is Reportedly Almost Quitting Over Batgirl’s Cancellation, and Rumors Are Swirls About His Long-Term Future

What is currently happening at DC Films? The news out of Warner Bros.’s subdivision this week is nothing short of a bombshell with the studio systematically pulling the plug bat girl Speciality To 10 year plan Whether or not Kevin Feige helped produce at Marvel Studios for the DC universe. Because yes, that’s what every studio wants. Delivering it is completely ‘Nowhere Matter’. As questions loom over the leadership position at The WB in the wake of the arrival of new company CEO David Zaslav, we’re now learning that one of his “generals” at DC Films wanted to jump ship, and may still be running.

Shakeup Continues With Former Motion Picture Group Chair at Warner Bros. Toby Emmerich is slipping into a more mentoring role, opening the door for the combined team of Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdi. now, Hollywood Reporter Saying that in the wake of Batgirl’s cancellation, current DC Films president Walter Hamada threatened to step down, and reportedly agreed to remain at the head of the DC Films table until the release of Black Adam on October 21. Went. Ongoing conversation tells THR about Hamada:

He’s stopping. This protest has not yet been decided.

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