DC’s Most Important Hero Is Settled by a Shocking Figure

The Green Lantern Corps is one of DC’s most prestigious institutions, but an unexpected Green Lantern has done more for DCU than anyone knows.

Green Lantern Corps are one of the most beloved groups of all dc comicsAnd many heroes have saved the universe as many times as fans can count when green lantern, Whereas most goes to fame More Famous Human Green Lantern, there are thousands of Corpsmen whose dozens of other worlds are swelling the Lantern ranks. And one of these Green Lanterns, the fan-favorite KiloVog, has done more for the DC Universe than anyone knows.

As the drill sergeant for the entire Green Lantern Corps, it is well known that Kilowog has been to blame. Shaping the Emerald Guardians of the DC Universe is not the elite peacekeeping force they have always been. And while fans may mistakenly believe that he has trained more Lanterns than they can count, that’s actually not the case. According to the official DC Comics blog Ask questionsKilovog’s apprentices can be counted – and the numbers are out of this world.

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For untold years, the kilovog . has been responsible for the training and oversight of New members of the Green Lantern Corps, whom he affectionately calls “Pujar”. But the exact number of lantern kilovogs is not yet mentioned in canon. Now that number – or at least a rough estimate – has been revealed in Alex Jaffe’s Ask questions Blog for DC Comics. Taking into account the number of times the Green Lantern Corps has been reintroduced or expanded from scratch, and the average life expectancy of the Green Lantern as stated Green Lantern #27 by Geoff Johns and Mick Macon comparing the number of years elapsed between the events of Emerald Twilight By Ron Marz and Darryl Banks and the current Infinite Frontier era, it has been calculated that Kilowog himself has personally trained approximately 18,000 Green Lanterns. with and The inevitable rebirth of the Green Lantern Corps On the horizon, this number will undoubtedly continue to expand rapidly.

Even ignoring the fact that many of Kilowog’s apprentices have surpassed them in name-recognition as legends in their own right – including the iconic Green Lantern Hal Jordan – the sheer amount of apprentices they ringling. Has managed to whip into shape. In the context of their enormous influence on the DC Universe, the kind of crises that Kilovog’s training and apprentices have managed to spread or outright prevent is hard to pin down. As an interstellar peacekeeping force, the Green Lanterns are often the DC Universe’s first line of defense against all kinds of cosmic and even multidimensional threats that they would be no match for without the training of a dedicated drill sergeant. .

More Than Your Fellow Justice Leaguers – Yes, Kilovogue Once Was a member of the Justice League Kilovog’s impact on the DC Universe is incredibly far-reaching. From the point of view of the universe, the last survivor of the Bolovax Vic is responsible for creating more superheroes than anyone in the DCU. And from a meta perspective, it can also be said that he has created more superheroes than all the writers in DC Comics. And being a one man hero factory, this worship is a gift that keeps on giving.

Kilovog may not be the first name when discussing DC Comics’ most important heroes, but it’s hard not to assume he’s in the running, at least. Without the thousands of heroes he personally trained, Complete DC Multiverse Could have been destroyed a thousand times. If saving the universe is a numbers game, there’s no denying that dc comicskilovog of Green Lantern Corps wins by a landslide.

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