Dazed and Confused: 9 Well, Okay, Fine Behind the Scenes Facts

Richard Linklater’s classmates stunned to sue him for defamation

As we know, Richard Linklater borrowed a lot from his life dazed and Confused — including a few to name a few while growing up in Austin, Texas, and a lot for some of those special individuals, apparently. In 2004, eleven years after the film’s release, Washington Post reported that Andy Slater, Richard “Pink” Floyd, and Bobby Wooderson filed a defamation suit against Universal Studios and the filmmaker (his former classmate), feeling that the characters bearing their names misrepresented them. did.

Wooderson is quoted in the article as saying that he felt “kicked in the stomach” by his portrayal of the role of Matthew McConaughey, and Slater asserts that he never made a bong in shop class like Rory Cochrane. does the character of the same name, but admits that he knew people who did.

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