Darth Vader survived Padme’s temptation, and he killed her for it

Darth Vader’s walk down memory lane with Padme’s maid Sabe has a profound effect on him, even if it’s the last thing she does.

people most responsible for this darth vaderThe Ultimate Redemption is not Luke Skywalker or Emperor Palpatine, but padmy and his maid all. After the shocking events of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackLord Vader begins to meditate on the past. he travels across the galaxy With a Forensic Droid To find out what happened to his dearest Padme. On Naboo, he meets a familiar face, none other than Sabe, the handmaiden and doppelgnger of his lost love! Vader sinks into the depths of grief from the trauma of his past before allowing Padme and Sabe to change his heart.

Star Wars: Darth Vader – Dark Heart of the Sith Greg Pak and Raphael Inco describe Vader’s experiences shortly after his confrontation with Luke. His determination, with his son turning to the dark side, makes Vader wonder who has so coerced his son against him. Troubled by memories of Obi-Wan “corrupting” his beloved Padme, he embarks on a journey of revenge. although he is Padme’s murder charge and longs for vengeance by making Luke the enemy. A short way in his journey, he meets an old friend: Sabe, Padme’s noose. Captured by the ghosts of their shared past, Anakin and Sabe set out together to learn the story of Queen Amidala’s mysterious death and the birth of her son.

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This visit to Naboo evokes a whole range of negative feelings for Vader. Frequent flashbacks about the pain inflicted on Padme fill her with guilt. The constant attacks of “the Amidlons”, loyal followers of the late queen, enraged them. However, the longing to see Padme’s face again fills the Dark Lord’s soul with grief. It becomes clear that Vader’s wife is not anguished over the death. stable foundation for his hatred Or his power on the dark side. Throughout the story, while Vader displays involuntary pity towards Sabe, he is still Vader. In the end, he traps Sabe and the rest of the Amidlans and kills them all.

While Vader’s wrath heats up in that scene, the impact of his journey with Sabe is set in time. Before dying, he and the Sith Lord search for the planet where Padme’s life ended. There, he learns her last words: “Obi-Wan… there’s still good in him… I know… I know… still…This revelation has a profound effect on Vader’s fate. The Emperor himself calls upon his apprentice, saying that where once there was power, there is now sorrow. Despite his best efforts to restore Hatred in Vader’s heart, Anakin wins In Return of the Jedi.

Without Padme’s temptation to show Vader, he could never have returned to the light. For the Dark Lord of the Sith, it was never about the Empire, or Luke, or his lord. It was about Padme. His experiences with Sabe remind Anakin of who he is. He “that little boy on tatooine“Finally, it’s padmy and his faithful maiden all who saves darth Vader, And save the galaxy.

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