Daniel Craig still knows how to rock his first suit since the James Bond premiere

james bond movies are currently in transition, as the Daniel Craig era has taken its final bow. with no time to die Taking his place in history, Craig’s future career has taken a promising start with his Broadway production macbeth, It didn’t stop the man (who Maybe Bond was born to play) still from knowing how to rock a suit, as her first premiere show since 007 proved this past weekend.

Longacre Theater finally saw macbeth Opening its doors to the public for its official show. For a variety of reasons, the occasion deserved a huge celebration and a pink carpet to mark the night. Now, I can safely say that one of those victories to be celebrated is the following photo of ex 007 that proves he may still be ready to kill:

(Image credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

While it’s hard to be sure without a few more details, one has to wonder if the star is sporting Tom Ford in these photos. as the favorite designer for most The Daniel Craig era of James Bond, if he was, it would be completely understandable. No matter what the man is wearing, the titular lead of the play is as brilliant as ever.

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