Danica Patrick removes breast implants amid health concerns – E! online

Danica Patrick Something important is coming out of his chest.

On April 29, the former professional racecar driver, 40, revealed on instagram That she had recently had her breast implants removed after developing adverse side effects.

“I got breast implants [in] November of 2014. I got them because I want to do it all,” explained Danica. “I was really fit, but I didn’t have breasts. So I got them. Everything went well and I was happy with him.”

However, in early 2018, she started experiencing some irregularities in her health. “I noticed that my hair was not as healthy and was breaking,” she wrote. “I also gained a few pounds and had no luck losing it.”

It all came to light at the end of 2020. “I had [menstrual] Cycle irregularity, gained more weight, my hair didn’t look healthy at all and my face was a different shape (weird I know). “So I went down the rabbit hole to find out. I tested everything that could be done.”

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