Cyberpunk 2077 mod makes Judy Romance more realistic

A new mod for CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 makes Vee’s relationship with Judy more realistic, adding new dialogue to deepen their romance.

a new mode for cyberpunk 2077 has launched, allowing players to connect with romantic interest Judy Alvarez in a more natural and realistic way. Many players feel that CD Projekt RED hasn’t delivered on its promise of a massive, next-generation sci-fi RPG, which is part of the reason why. mods that improve cyberpunk 2077graphics ofVehicle handling, NPCs, and more.

cyberpunk 2077Like CD Projekt Red’s other RPG franchises The Witcher, includes many different NPCs that players can romance. Some of these characters are little more than flings or one-night stands, while others play a huge role in the game’s overall story, and their romance subplots are far more fleshed-out. Judy Alvarez is one of the more important romance options, as she is introduced early in the game and is the focus of one of cyberpunk 2077Large search lines. Judy is a fan-favorite character, and many players have chosen her as their love interest in the game for this reason. However, although the 1.5 patch cyberpunk 2077 Romance made better by JudySome may find that things get a little bleak after the initial pairing, as she is uncharacteristically steadfast in her behavior whenever V visits her at her apartment.

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Recognizing this, Nexus Mods users Cheat Opted to develop a mod that would expand the range of Judy’s post-courting behavior. While Judy will stay exclusively by her window in vanilla cyberpunk 2077, she will be involved in a variety of activities including eating, bathing and sleeping (without the player’s cues). A “hugPrompts have also been added through this mode, allowing users to engage in genuinely intimate behavior with their chosen in-game love interest.

Cyberpunk 2077 mod makes Judy Romance more realistic

While many of these new additions may seem minor at first glance, they can actually have a major impact on the overall role-playing elements and immersion of the game. romance interests cyberpunk 2077 Can send NSFW text and explicit sex scenes are included, but their inclusion can be more than just sensationalist or objective; one of the largest parts of cyberpunk 2077 There really is a sense of living in Night City, and mods that modulate regular and related human behavior (such as the casual household activity of being in a couple) can help achieve this goal.

Players, as always, should try this mod at their own risk, but it is a perfect example of how mods can add simple tweaks that the game’s developers may have overlooked. It’s unlikely that many would consider Judy’s rote and stagnant behavior to be one of the biggest problems cyberpunk 2077But the ‘Deceptive’ mod can go a long way toward building a more immersive, engaging experience.

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Source: Cheater/Nexmode

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