CSI: Vegas star William Peterson hospitalized while filming show

William Peterson, best known for his role as CSI’s Gil Grissom, was rushed to the hospital during the shooting of the upcoming show CSI: Vegas.

William Peterson had to be hospitalized while shooting for his latest show, CSI: Vegas. Fortunately for viewers who grew up watching the series, CBS decided to continue Grissom’s story with the green light. CSI: Vegas earlier this year. CSI: Vegas The original will return to the show’s roots, which have appeared in various spinoff versions such as CSI: Miamihandjob CSI: NY, And CSI: Cyber.

Peterson starred as Gil Grissom, Las Vegas’s leading forensic entomologist, when CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Made his television debut in 2000. Peterson was joined on the set by a talented cast consisting of actors such as Gary Dourdan, Jorja Fox, George Eads and Paul Guilfoyle. Grissom is known for his uncanny ability to solve mysteries and his memorable delivery of episode-opening one-liners. Pietersen retained his role for the first nine seasons of the show before passing on the torch. ted danson, although he made several guest appearances in his later years. CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationThe show that started it all finally came to an end in 2015.

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As the previous series proved time and again, it takes a long time to throw Grissom out of his game. However, an unforeseen incident halted filming earlier this week. According to tmzPeterson was at the beginning when he started feeling ill and had to be taken to the hospital. Sources say that the ambulance was only out of caution for the actor, but the situation was so serious that he was taken for medical treatment.

Peterson’s rep apparently attempted to downplay the seriousness of his condition, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he had to be hospitalized. In truth CSI Form, some mystery surrounds the circumstances. No word was given about what exactly caused the medical emergency, although there are indications that it was probably due to extreme fatigue. In an additional statement, the representative noted that Peterson “Has been working continuously for a long time since last 12 weeksPeterson was eventually discharged and is apparently in better health now.

It is expected that it will not take long for Pietersen to make a full recovery, but words of his progress indicate that he will make a comeback CSI: Vegas set up soon. The new show sees Peterson reuniting with her former costar and onscreen love interest Fox. Viewers can expect their favorite forensic investigator to solve crimes again when CSI: Vegas Premieres October 6 on CBS.

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Source: tmz

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