Crazy F9 Stunt Justin Lin Wanted To Do With Practical Effect But Just Couldn’t

The following story will contain very mild spoilers F9, the new Fast & Furious movie that is in theaters now. proceed with caution.

It was a running joke. fast and furious The franchise has done so many ridiculous stunts over the years, including pushing a torpedo through Rio de Janeiro and The Rock with their bare hands to a vault, that fans would say The only place to go for this franchise “Space”. This is the textbook answer for any franchise that has been around for so long. This is how Jason ended up in the stratosphere for the tenth Friday the 13th Movies. When F9 director Justin Lin appeared on CinemaBlend’s ReelBlend podcast, however, he talked about his plans to try and practically film space stunts In his movie… until he was told he couldn’t.

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