Craven set photos show Aaron Taylor-Johnson filming intense action scenes

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is seen in photos from the new set for Craven the Hunter in London, wearing “barefoot” shoes for an intense action sequence.

new Craven the Hunter Photos from the set show Aaron Taylor-Johnson filming an intense action sequence. Taylor-Johnson plays the titular villain in a solo film set within Sony’s Spider-Man cinematic universe, which operates separately from the Marvel Studios MCU. The film is directed by Jesse Chandor (triple frontier) and has a supporting cast that includes Russell Crowe, Alessandro Nivola, Ariana DeBos, Christopher Abbott, Fred Hechinger and Levi Miller.

Craven the Hunter created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in the pages of 1964 the amazing Spider ManA Russian immigrant who wants to defeat Spider-Man to prove his worth as a big game hunter. white Lotus‘ Hechinger is onboard to star as another Spider Man The villain in the film, playing the role of a chameleon, who also happens to be Craven’s half-brother. Nivola is said to be the main villain of the film, but it is not yet revealed who he is.

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currently, Craven the Hunter is in production, and many of Taylor-Johnson’s looks have been seen on the set. Now more glimpses of the actor have surfaced, this time in an apparently intense action sequence. The sequence in question shows Taylor-Johnson in civilian dress, running through a garden-like area in London’s Hyde Park. The actor was seen wearing two different outfits, both with the dainty necklace that Craven usually wears. He was also seen wearing “toed” shoes, which may be meant to show that he is running on bear feet while protecting the actor’s feet for the scene. Take a look at the images below (via Emirgamzayev Oraksan And just Jared,

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This isn’t the first time Taylor-Johnson has landed a comic-book role, as the actor has donned a costume to multiple properties in his career. Taylor-Johnson played the lead in both kick ass And kick ass 2With all Quicksilver Inn Avengers: Age of Ultron, her age of Ultron After the character was killed off in the film, he has since been removed from the MCU chessboard. However, now that the multiverse is in effect and he’s joining Sony to take on the role of Craven, it’s entirely possible that he could re-enter the MCU as a completely different character.

it’s hard to find where Craven the Hunter Will descend with moviegoers, as Sony’s latest effort to continue them Marvel/Spider-Man universe of movies Mostly negative reactions have been met. Jared Leto morbius It was panned by critics and did well at the box office, but nothing that would mark it as a huge success. hoped it would be useful Spider-Man: No Way HomeBut it appears that the lack of a certain web-slinging superhero may be hindering a series of films about his rogue gallery. Although, Craven the Hunter Has an excellent cast and Chandor is an interesting filmmaker, so perhaps this latest effort will do what Sony expected morbius Would like

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  • Craven the Hunter (2023)Release date: January 13, 2023

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