Craig Conover opens up about his former Adderall addiction and relationship with Naomi Olindo Online

Craig Conover is, to quote my fellow bravolebrities bethenny frankelMentioning all this.

southern charm Star’s first memoir Pillow Talk: What’s wrong with my sewing? hits shelves March 29, and as Craig exclusively told E! News, the book is “an open and honest conversation about how I got to where I am today.” It covers the struggles he faced, from living out some of his darkest moments on national television to Adderall’s addiction.

“It’s a strange feeling to be open and vulnerable,” Craig said. “And you know, it would be crazy to hear how everyone takes it. But I think it’s me telling the truth about everything and I’m comfortable with being vulnerable because I feel like I’m going to be vulnerable to people.” I want to do full justice to the story [rather] compared to a partial story.”

He recalled a pivotal moment in facing his addiction in an earlier season southern charm, “It was probably a season six reunion [but] I never talked about it,” Craig said. “And by the end, I was sitting there on stage and I was like, all the questions being asked and all the issues being raised, I mean , the answer was Adderall.”

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