Controversy over Beyoncé’s latest album Renaissance, Explained

This weekend, Beyoncé fans were gifted the first new album from the beloved icon and Oscar-nominee (for his work King Richard, Since then 2019 The Lion King-inspired album with Renaissance, The 16-track album was quickly called a “masterpiece” and broke streaming records. However, in less than a week when the collection of dance-y and sultry songs was released, many controversies have already surfaced. We’ll catch you.

Renaissance It is Beyoncé’s seventh studio album since 2016’s Cultural Phenomenon. lemonade who brought out Jay-Z’s infidelity in their relationship, In addition to the latest album exciting fans with tracks like “Alien Superstar” and “Virgo’s Groove,” here are the controversies the album has already been hit with. Beyonce stopped it all for the new release.

a song on the renaissance had a slogan

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