Christmas Vacation and 14 Other Shocking F-Bombs in PG-13 Movies

The PG-13 rating was conceived in direct response to outrage from parent groups over traditionally PG-rated films that contained content believed to cross a red line in the sand. This includes the types of things depicted in films such as sexual content, violent imagery: gremlins, and of course, bad language is best left to a mature audience.

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Although PG-13 helped designate the films that were best suited for older children, that didn’t stop filmmakers from dreading it when the latter came. The rule is that only one or two F-bombs can make it to any PG-13 film, and still retain the rating. A lot of filmmakers have used this range to gain a little more notoriety for their work.

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Updated by Derek Draven on December 15, 2021: The Christmas holiday is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to surprising F-bombs in PG-13 movies and, if anything, their frequency has only increased over time as with the growing popularity of comic book movies.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

No other F-bomb in PG-13 cinematic history is as shocking or hilarious as a Clark Griswold falls in the classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Clarke spends most of the film waiting for his bonus check to arrive to pay for his planned pool installation. The chaotic events of A Family Christmas are topped with the revelation that his bonus has been cancelled, which puts him off edge.

When the family prepares to leave, Clark stops them, declaring that they are going to have a “Happy-Happy-Happy Christmas” since Bing Crosby tap-dance with Danny F*** at Kaye This particular F-bomb never loses its gut-blasting glee, notwithstanding! many other memorable quotes,

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

Kevin Costner’s epic Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is famous for Gritty, yet bold move on the mythological story, not to mention Costner’s inability to speak with an English accent. Quibbles aside, this is the most thrilling version of Robin Hood ever committed to film, with a timeless sense of adventure.

Then, there’s the scene where Will sees Scarlett Robin and Azeem slingshot at a castle wall to chase the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, prompting him to say “F***m, he approved it!” It was an unexpected surprise, and many parents weren’t too happy to share the movie with their kids.

Days of Thunder (1990)

Tom Cruise Follows Up 1980s Hits top Gun With days of Thunder, A nearly identical story that put the actor in the seat of a NASCAR vehicle, as opposed to an F-14 Tomcat. There are some such exciting racing sequences in the film that still leave fans goosebumps. It is also full of dramatic elements, including Cruise’s initial rivalry between Cole Trickle and Harry Hogg, which almost results in a fight.

Chasing the two for their chaotic actions in the pit, race team owner Tim Dalland likens the scene to a monkey belonging to a certain F-bomb in some football, which at the very least sounds inventive. . It was enough for fans to do a double-take and hit the rewind button.

Jerks (1990)

comedy/horror hits tremors Established a franchise run that lasted far longer than the original, but it also gave viewers the privilege of watching Reba McEntire unleash an array of high-powered firearms into giant killer bugs.

Speaking of memorable one-liners, Kevin Bacon was not hooked. Barely survivor of a chasing worm hitting a concrete wall and dying, Bacon’s character Valentine Mackie races up to the camera to deliver one of the most iconic “f***u” deliveries in cinematic history. Lagai, which is still a classic today.

The Wedding Singer (1998)

Adam Sandler was at the peak of his shock-comedy routine in 1998, and he wasn’t afraid to translate it into his Hollywood movies. Sandler plays wedding singer Robbie Hart, who is ironically left at the altar of his wedding day, which leaves him sad, depressed, and cynical.

When the beloved Julia Sullivan enters his life and tries to bring her creative songwriting skills to the surface, Hart begins with a soft rendition of “Somebody Kill Me Please”, which is “I Hope You F*”. * turns into an angry chorus ending with. *In Choked!” The Expensive was unexpected and accomplished exactly what it set out to do – with hilarious effect to the audience.

Aliens Vs. hunter (2004)

A Predator and Alexa Woods in Alien Vs.  Cruel

try to marry the bloody and the terrible foreigner And Cruel When they learned that it would be a PG-13 film, the franchise faced simultaneous fan backlash. As such, many of the film’s most violent scenes were cut short in order to remain on good terms with the censors, and that included language.

So, when Alexa Woods drops her F-bomb in the film’s third act, it feels a little crass and desperate. When the young hunter shows the warrior a bomb designed to blow up the alien-infested temple, Woods remarks “Well, I hope it kills every f*** one of them!”

Day Six (2000)

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the sixth day

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career as an action star began after this forgotten 2000 film with cloning as a central focus. The script was very poor, the action bland, and the story lacked any real weight compared to previous identity crisis like Schwarzenegger flicks. total Recall,

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It was also rated PG-13 in an effort to attract a wider audience. That strategy may have been turned upside down, a fact made more apparent when the film’s F-bomb drops. When bad guy Michael Drucker interacts with Arnold’s character Adam Gibson, the latter suggests that Drucker create a clone of himself. When Drucker asks if it is so he can understand Adam’s point of view, Adam replies “No, you can go s*** yourself.” The exchange is rather silly, but Arnold’s delivery of the line is serious.

X-Men: First Class (2011)

Sometimes, a PG-13 F-bomb can serve a valuable purpose, especially when it comes to comic timing or a highly poignant moment. Other times, it is used as a cheap tool for lazy filmmakers trying to generate discussion and verbal controversy.

felt exactly like that during a scene X-Men: First Class, When Charles Xavier and Eric Lencher attempt to recruit an ex-X-Men Wolverine into the fold, who promptly replies “Go F*** Yourself.” It managed to make the audience laugh, but still felt forced and inappropriate.

Spaceballs (1987)

riffing on star wars, Mel Brooks’ spaceball full of jokes that still persistThanks for its boundary-pushing content. Brooks breaks down when it comes to teen humor and antics, which include everything from massive sexual frustrations to genital-induced lightsabers, but one scene took the cake when it came to the laughing factor.

After Spaceball-1’s self-destruct sequence begins, the bad guys attempt to escape in escape pods, already commanded by the crew, which leaves them one option – the cancellation button. Upon finding it, they see an out-of-order sign, prompting one of them to drop a side-splitting F-bomb that came completely out of left field. To this day, it remains one of the most effective uses of the word in the PG-13 film.

Skyfall (2012)

Em and Bond in a sealed house in Skyfall

Previous attempts to bring the F-bomb to 007 films have generally been quieter with sound effects drowning out the actual word, leaving only the lip-smacking mouth on the screen. This changed with 2012 sky fall, Which decided to take advantage of the PG-13 syllabus language rule.

The F-bomb in question is muted by M in the third act when they retreat to an isolated house in preparation for the final fight. It’s a simple f-bomb that tries not to draw too much attention to itself, and given the seriousness of Craig-era Bond movies, it’s acceptable, though unnecessary.

Beetlejuice (1988)

Beetle Juice It was pretty high up the ladder when it comes to mature content, and it clearly wasn’t designed for kids, despite its eye-catching charm, courtesy of director Tim Burton. The decision to cast Michael Keaton as most quotable ghost with It was a stroke of genius that has paid dividends ever since.

When the recently deceased Barbara and Adam rush to rid their home of a new family from Beetlejuice’s overzealous sales pitch, she exclaims “Nice f***in’ model!” He kicks a plastic tree near his small graveyard before shouting.

Anchorman (2004)

Ron Burgundy and Veronica in Anchorman

anchorman It had an F-bomb in its name, and instead of just dropping it for laughs, it tried to create a real-world consequence all at once. Ron Burgundy drops profanity during a live broadcast when he signs with “Go F*** Yourself, San Diego”.

The F-bomb not only shocked his co-anchor, but it also traumatized the production team, and angered the locals who were watching the live broadcast. The awkwardness is played to hilarious effect, with Gob smacking studio execs and producers feuding about not knowing how to handle Fallout.

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

John C. Reilly’s brand of comedy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but he manages to get some laughs as Lieutenant Hank Marlowe, a U.S. Army Air Forces officer who has a keen knowledge of the flora and fauna on Skull Island. Did. While coaching newcomers on the dangers of the island, Marlow tells them to be especially careful of the giant ants that live in the trees, which he claims “seems like a bird, but it’s in an ant.”

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The line came out of nowhere and became one of the most hilarious parts of an otherwise run-of-the-mill monster flick. Ironically, Samuel L. Jackson, known for his F-bombs in the movies, did not have the honor of using abusive words during the film.

Ready Player One (2018)

Hollywood’s lack of creative juices over the years has led to F-bombs being poured into PG-13 movies that really serve no purpose, and that trend continues. One of the most recent examples is ready player one, A Spielberg smash hit that’s filled with more pop culture references than it absorbed upon initial viewing.

One of these is around the reference center children’s play horror franchise, And its killer antagonist Chunky. During the final battle, the killer doll makes an appearance, prompting one of the players to shout “It’s f***ing Chucky!” Despite PG-13 rating ready player one It was clearly aimed at a younger audience, making this particular F-bomb seem cheap and unsuitable.

The Martian (2015)

Matt Damon in The Martian

Matt Damon gave his best performance in this 2015 film, where he played Mark Watney, a talented astronaut who is unknowingly left behind on Mars when his crew believes He’s dead. Watney pulled all the stops to conquer the inhospitable Martian landscape by finding a way to grow his own food, recycle his water, and communicate with Earth.

Throughout the film, Watney tries to stay positive in the face of adversity, but he manages to blow off some comical steam when he literally curses the Red Planet with “F***u, Mars”. It is given with tongue-in-cheek effect.

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