Christina Ricci, Juliette Lewis and Others Prove the Yellowjacket Is Much More Than a Survival Story — E! News Online

What happens in the forest does not always stay in the forest.

The next time you travel on an airplane you’ll want to pick up a survival kit after seeing the new trailer for show time‘s yellow Jacket, which dropped on 27 October.

Juliet Lewis And Christina Ricci star in the series, which is scary lord of the flies fulfills mean girls Feeling. The thrilling teaser tells the story of a high school football team that finds itself deserted in a remote wilderness after their plane crashes for a game.

This is definitely not Girl Scouts camp. In a series of flashbacks, outcast teens turn into a barbarian clan fighting for the survival of the fittest. The Cut 25 Years Later, is where the TV show begins in modern times.

“When he saved us,” notes Lewis’ character in the trailer, “I have lost my purpose.”

Mysterious messages emerge among a group of grown-up women. Some are hiding dark secrets from their past. Others are threatening and speaking out. But who is sharing the poisonous truth?

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