Chris Pratt’s Garfield Movie Adds Another MCU Star In A Very Surprise Role

As if being a blockbuster star in franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Jurassic Park/World was no big deal, Chris Pratt is also now resuming his voice acting after his time as Emmett Brickowski. lego Movies. In addition to voicing Mario in the lights Super Mario Bros. animated film, it was revealed in November that he has also been tapped to voice comic strip icon Garfield. Now word has come that Pratt will be joining the animated garfield Film by another MCU star: Samuel L. Jackson.

Nick Fury for Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord (though the two of them haven’t actually shared screen time outside of Tony Stark’s funeral avengers: endgame) has been brought in to voice a surprising new character in Animated garfield Film: The father of the title protagonist, Vic. So now the following two people are involved in this project wrapCasting update, though there’s still no word on who will be voicing Garfield’s boss, John Arbuckle. The new Garfield film is directed by The Emperor’s New GrooveWritten by Mark Dindle and find nemoK David Reynolds.

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