Chad Michael Murray shares his idea for One Tree Hill reboot – E! Online

But things took a turn: “Then it started to itch, and then it just started getting ridiculous and unruly. As far as I never comb my hair. Yeah, but I’ve got to comb my beard, The star called his beard a “super pain in the ass.”

However, when it comes to the spirit of Christmas, his look has been put to good use. “Long story short, it’s the holiday season and you know what? Let’s go and do the whole Santa,” he said. “We drove a toy [this week] and everything turned completely white and [I] Nick Jr. [I’m] I’m not old enough to be Santa, but I can be Santa’s son.”

his two children (whom he shares with wife Sarah Romer, Also joined. “They left,” he said. “We want to teach them a thing or two about giving back.”

For his latest project, Murray reveals how he prepared to play the villain on screen Castle, co-star Bruce Wills,

“Even your own negative traits that you’re not so much of a fan of,” he said, “you go out there and you borrow some of the traits from the people you see that people give you to all of them.” And, and that’s exactly what Balzari is, he’s got a bunch of all these thoughts that were mine and all together.”

He “had the pleasure of working” with Willis several times in the past. “We’ve built a relationship, and it’s great to know you’re seeing your childhood hero,” reflected Murray. “Yeah, now to have the opportunity to make an artistic connection and what we’ve got is not like that, you don’t need to control your enthusiasm anymore.”

fort Will also be available on Blu-ray and DVD on December 21.

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