Burglars Break Out Mission: Impossible-style strategy to rob the hardware store

I’ll bet some movie fans have seen at least one NS Impossible Goal movies in his time. NS Tom Cruise-led flicks has dazzled audiences with its huge (and sometimes dangerous looking) stunt. While some of us probably wish we had Ethan Hunt’s skills, a lot of us really don’t. However, some thieves channeled the character while robbing a hardware store. And the result is as weird as you’d probably imagine.

Pearl Hardware in Portland, Oregon was an unfortunate victim of unconventional theft. The incident, which took place on Sunday, October 10, was caught on surveillance cameras of the store. The supervisor of the establishment told the local news associate Fox 12 that the thieves climbed to the top of the building, and went in through the light. The video shows a rope hanging from the ceiling and a man blinking down, followed shortly after by his partner.

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