Bruce Willis’s Wife Sweetly Shares What He Might Be Doing If He Hadn’t Made It Big In Hollywood

I like to imagine that somewhere in a parallel universe there’s another Bruce Willis who isn’t an action movie star, but instead a New York cop who completely thwarts real-world German thieves in the completely real Nakatomi Plaza Does. , Within Multiverse Theory, Plot Two die Hard That might have played out pretty well somewhere in another reality — but Willis’ wife, Emma Willis, has other ideas for what our husbands might be doing if our world didn’t star in blockbusters. In a recent post, Willis reveals one of her husband’s hidden, distinctive talents and shares what she believes if she hadn’t made and made it a big hit in Hollywood. some grade A movies,

Emma Willis’ instagram The post shows her and Bruce Willis’s two young daughters standing in front of a blooming jacaranda tree, with a caption that tells a short story (or fun fact) about her husband’s love and knowledge of trees. Is. Apparently he feels that his ability to know trees is so strong that he would have been an arborist if his career as an actor had not ended. Check out the post below:

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