Bruce Willis’s wife Emma talks about her struggle with caring for her family and how it ‘took a toll’

Earlier this year, the family of Bruce Willis announced that the actor was retiring. reveal that die Hard Star was diagnosed with aphasia, friends and family have rallied around Willis to support him in his hour of need. At the forefront is wife Emma Hemings Willis, who recently opened up about her own struggles to balance self-care with taking care of her family, and how it “took a toll.”

Lately, Hemming Willis has been making the rounds to promote her own brand of skin care, CocoBaba. Specially formulated to provide a hygienic product that expectant mothers can use in their self-care routine, this was the perfect time to talk about what this practice means to her. During an interview with Parenting Publishing CollisionEmma Heming Willis explained just that with the following story:

I struggle to find time for self-care every day. I put my family’s needs above my own, which I felt didn’t make me any kind of hero. So much caring for everyone else in my household took a toll on my mental health and overall health, and it didn’t serve anyone in my family. Some time ago someone told me that when you care for someone more, you start caring less about yourself. It stopped me in my tracks and really resonated with me. I don’t consider myself a complete mother but I do know that I have some basic basic needs that are essential, like first and foremost, exercise. It’s a time when I can disconnect and do something that I know makes me feel good overall. I think it’s important to find that one thing that makes you feel good and build from there.

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