Brody Jenner first met Caitlyn Carter’s boyfriend must-have TV moment – E! Online

Well that was just one Some Odd.

Introducing your significant other to your ex is never easy, especially when reality TV cameras are nearby. but Caitlyn Carter Found myself in the exact same situation in the August 4th episode The Hills: New Beginnings.

Caitlyn shared in her confession, “I feel like there’s ever a build-up to one of these moments where there’s so much pressure in the meeting of two people, it automatically becomes awkward and the last thing I do. I want them to have a strange relationship.” “Maybe it’s my fault that I waited so long to introduce them.”

But in the season finale of the show, fans finally got to see the moment brody jenner Had a meeting Christopher Brock for the first time. so how did it go? Depends on who you ask.

“It was cool. He’s a really nice guy,” said Christopher Justin Bobby And Jason Wahler. “As important as Brody was in his life and still will be, I think it was important for us to have this talk and break that ground.”

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