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Shayna Shayo And lala canto good as gold.

Vanderpump Rules E!’s . Star Shayna appeared in the March 24 episode of down in dm, and one of the many messages in her Instagram inbox was to inquire about the status of her friendship with Lala. Pair bonding was put to the test 9th season of bravo series As Lala repeatedly questioned brock davisshiana’s Fiance Who is he welcomed their first child with in April 2021. Lala specifically wanted to know more about Brock’s financial situation and whether he was maintaining a relationship with his children from a previous marriage.

According to Shayna, the DM exclusively read, “How are you with Lala? I didn’t like the way she came to you this season, but are you guys in a good place now?”

“We were good even before the reunion,” revealed Scheana exclusively. “I think we were both going through the experience of labor around the same time, and then after being back on a television show so early, we could really understand each other and bond with each other.” We were able to. It definitely helped to rebuild our friendship.”

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