Brittany Forever: Celebrating Naya Riviera’s Immense Impact on the Queer Community – E! Online

There were also celebrities who noted the positive impact of Rivera’s character, as they witnessed the stellar performance of a queer woman of color.

as pose Star Ryan Jamal Swain written on TwitterOne of the first queer characters I saw myself in Miss Santana Lopez. You were and will forever be one of my heroes [sic]”

YouTuber Hannah Harty famous, “The #NayaRivera & the Santana story set free many closed-minded, self-loathing homosexuals like me on Glee. Only a multi-talented cast and a force like new can bring a background character into the limelight.”

Even actors sharing the screen with him, like Demi Lovato The show’s fifth season was briefly replaced by Rivera’s character. “I will always cherish the opportunity to play your girlfriend glee,” shared the superstar Twitter. “The character you played was very important to queer girls like me (at the time), and your ambition and achievements were inspiring to Latina women all over the world.”

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