Britney Spears Reveals Son Jaden “Scares” With This Incredible Talent – E! Online

it seems like Britney Spears‘ The youngest son has found a piece of his musical talent.

The 40-year-old pop star could do nothing but sing praises to the kids Sean Preston Federline16, and Jayden James Federline15, which she called a “genius” on March 24 Instagram post, Brittany-who shares her with ex-husband Kevin Federline– To explain Jayden’s knack for music, he revealed that he can “play literally anything on jazz and piano.”

“Her gift scares me,” she wrote, noting that after seeing green bookOscar-winning film about a pianist don shirleyJayden once “sat down and immediately started playing the blues… it’s scary how good he is.”

The post came a week after Britney, Busy To Sam Asghari, shared a message about watching your children mature into independent teens. stating how much his new Australian Shepherd Puppy Sawyer Grown up in the past few weeks, she quipped, “I’d say it as my boys grew up… it really sucks. They don’t need me anymore… I cried oceans for my boys And I don’t lie!!!”

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