Britney Spears’ Lawyer Accuses Dad Jamie Spears of “Running” From Deposition – E! online

Brittany’s lawyer also elaborated on some of the charges filed against her. Jamie, who was suspended as his co-mentor in September, two months before that The stereotype, which the singer deemed “outrageous”, was abolished., The filing alleges that Jamie “failed to produce communications relating to, among other things, the startling electronic surveillance system set up to spy on his daughter.”

Last January, Rosengart filed a one-to-one declaration in court. Former FBI Special Agent working as a private investigator for the singer, who determined when Britney was under her tutelage, Jamie kept a recording device in his bedroom to a security agency To capture his private conversations. This allegation was made for the first time in 2021. was engaged by one of the former employees of the group in new York Times document controlling britney spears,

According to Rosengart, the statement will also include questions about “attempts to control his daughter through lithium,” the espionage campaign alleged and uncovered by a whistleblower and new York Times,” “the total amount she paid to herself and others” and “using Britney Spears’ resources to oppose or suppress the #FreeBritney movement.”

Jamie’s lawyer told the new York Times, “All her actions were well within the standards of authority given to her by the court. Her actions were carried out with the knowledge and consent of Brittany, her court-appointed counsel and/or the court.” After Jamie was suspended as Britney’s co-mentor, His lawyer said in a statement that “for 13 years, [Jamie] I tried to do what I have [Britney’s] best interests, whether as a mentor or his father.”

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