Bridgeton Season 3 may tell a different love story than expected – E! Online

In BooksAlois is furious at her best friend Penelope for marrying her suddenly, and she begins a pen pal love affair with a man named Philip. Philip has lost his wife (Eloise’s cousin, Marina), who was suffering from a terrible depression, and he and Eloise begin to text each other.

Eloise is one of the best characters in the series, and some good things can be found here as she moves to live in her country house and meets her two ill-behaved children, but the show takes this story in a different direction. can carry. On screen, Marina is a Featherington cousin who is devastated to find that the man she loves has died in battle. Philip is the one who comes to tell Marina the news, and offers to marry her instead. At the end of season one, we saw them getting into the car together. And in season two, as she tells Colin, Marina is content in her decision to marry Philip.

So, it’s unclear what plans are in store for Eloise. This could Stay as it is, as Eloise is currently 17 years old and doesn’t get married until she is 28. But it’s a dark future for Marina and we’re not sure we’re in.

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