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Netflix’s co-CEO and chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, revealed at a recent conference that what he said was the “most comprehensive look ever” on Netflix’s top 10 TV shows and movies.

Sarandos made an appearance at Vox Media’s Code conference at the Beverly Hilton. He shared two slides of never-before-seen Netflix engagement data. One featured the most popular Netflix shows based on its proprietary metric of the number of accounts selecting a given title in the first 28 days of release (and stream for at least 2 minutes). One second showed the total time seen by hours in the initial 28-day window.

According to Diversity“We’re trying to be more transparent with talent than with the market,” Sarandos said, while Netflix’s streaming data, he acknowledged, “is mostly a big black box.

Shonda Rhimes’ bridgerton Season 1 scored as the No. 1 series based on both the number of Netflix homes and viewing time (in the initial four-week release), while extraction was the most watched film in terms of houses and bird box It was the most watched movie by the hours.

Sarandos also added that the high-concept Korean survival drama squid game, which premiered on September 17th, has great potential to become the biggest Netflix show of all time, and currently ranks as the No. 1 show worldwide on the service. “We didn’t see it in terms of global popularity,” Sarandos said.

Top 10 series based on total hours watched in the first 28 days:
Bridgerton, Season 1: 625 Million Hours
Money Heist, Part 4: 619 Million Hours
Stranger Things 3: 582 Million Hours
The Witcher, Season 1: 541 Million Hours
13 Reasons Why, Season 2: 496 Million Hours
13 Reasons Why, Season 1: 476 Million Hours
You, Season 2: 457 Million Hours
Stranger Things 2: 427 Million Hours
Money Heist, Part 3: 426 Million Hours
Ginny and Georgia, Season 1: 381 Million Hours

Top 10 series by number of accounts viewed for at least 2 minutes in the first 28 days of release:
Bridgerton, Season 1: 82 Million
Lupine, Part 1: 76 Million
The Witcher, Season 1: 67 Million
Sex/Life, Season 1: 67 Million
Stranger Things 3: 67 million (previously unpublished figure only)
Money Heist, Part 4: 65 Million
Tiger King, Season 1: 64 Million
The Queen’s Gambit: 62 million
Sweet Tooth, Season 1: 60 Million
Emily in Paris, Season 1: 58 Million

Top 10 movies by total viewing hours in the first 28 days:
Bird Box: 282 million hours
Extraction: 231 million hours
Irishman: 215 million hours
The Kissing Booth 2: 209 Million Hours
6 underground: 205 million hours
Spencer Confidential: 197 Million Hours
Enola Homes: 190 Million Hours
Army of the Dead: 187 million hours
The Old Guard: 186 Million Hours
Murder Mystery: 170 Million Hours

Top 10 movies by number of accounts that watched at least 2 minutes in the first 28 days of release:
Extraction: 99 million
Bird Box: 89 million
Spencer Confidential: 85 million
6 underground: 83 million
Murder Mystery: 83 Million
The Old Guard: 78 million
Enola Homes: 77 million
Project Strength: 75 million
Army of the Dead: 75 million
Paternity: 74 million

Sarandos was interviewed on stage by Cara Swisher of Vox Media. In addition to the engagement figures, Sarandos also shared his thoughts on talent compensation and said that if Netflix would be done by a theater chain or a digital music company like Spotify. As he has stated several times before, Sarandos said that Netflix is ​​not interested in pursuing live sports rights. Sarandos said Netflix is ​​feeling “probably more confident” in competing with the likes of Disney and WarnerMedia as they continue to push their push into streaming (“our home territory”). Netflix, which ended the second quarter with just over 209 million paid streaming subscribers worldwide, is really “competing with itself.”

Sarandos commented. “Can we continue to execute on what I’m concerned about in the next decade? [at scale]… to me, this is more troubling than any competition in the market.

Netflix’s day-to-day release strategy for movies “isn’t very flashy anymore,” said Sarandos (who added with a laugh, “tiger king 2 is coming!”).

Sarandos was named co-CEO along with Reed Hastings in July 2020. He oversees the company’s teams responsible for the acquisition and production of all Netflix content worldwide.

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