Brendan Fraser Post Goes Viral When Fan Gets Hotel For A Very Special Request

Several actors have experienced a career resurgence recently, although the one who has arguably been the most fun to watch is Brendan Fraser. The legendary Hollywood star is really flourishing, and her fans are living up to what’s called brainyness. The love for Fraser is indeed deep as evidenced by the love she has received on the internet in recent months. Now, one of his fans has shared on social media how a hotel accommodated his special, Fraser-related request.

So apparently, one man’s Brendan Fraser fantasy is so serious that it affects the way hotels are booked. The user explained, Instagram’s . in a post shared by nowdatastuff, that whenever he books a room, he makes a very specific request. What is it you may ask? Well, he asks that a picture, in which Fraser is in character. MotherK Rick O’Connell, be present in his room. And after years of asking, he’s finally bound for a Hilton Doubletree hotel in Arizona. See the post – complete with photo – below:

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