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Nursing olympic athlete Would like to close this special news.

with him 2020 Summer Olympics set to begin in Japan Less than a month later, Tokyo 2020 organizers announced on Wednesday, June 30, that nursing babies would be allowed to accompany their mothers to the Games. It marks a potential respite for mothers who were facing a difficult dilemma: being temporarily separated from their little ones in the midst of competition. coronavirus pandemic. Instead, they are given another option.

“It is inspiring that so many athletes with young children are able to continue competing at the highest levels, including at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and we are committed to doing everything we can to enable them to perform at the Tokyo 2020 Games.” read the statement. “Given that the Tokyo 2020 Games will take place during a pandemic, overall we must unfortunately refuse to allow the athletes’ family members or other teammates to accompany them to the Games. However, athletes with nursing children face After careful consideration of the unique situation we are in, we are pleased to confirm that nursing babies will be able to accompany the athletes to Japan if needed.”

Since entry to the Olympic and Paralympic Village will be restricted to athletes and team officials only, nursing children will have to live “in private accommodation approved by Tokyo 2020”. According to the International Olympic Committee, nursing mothers will be allowed to live in private residences and bring a caretaker or companion to assist, Today reported citing NBC correspondent molly hunter.

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