Breaking Down Love Island USA Star Katherine “Kat” Gibson’s Mukbang Video – E! online

This islander has a delicious delicacy.

love island usanew arrival of Katherine “Kat” Gibson was his date Isaiah Campbell Stumped when she revealed what she really does for a living (you know, other than looking for love on a reality TV show).

“I don’t know if you know what mukbang is?” she asked during their face-to-face dinner, as seen in august 3 episode streaming now Peacock,

When Isaiah said no, she explained how she eats large amounts of food on camera. especially, love island usa The app describes Catherine’s role as a Mukbanger as eating for viewers as part of a social media trend popular in South Korea.

“Okay, okay, you eat healthy, and I eat copious amounts of unhealthy food,” she said. “Like, huge table-worths, and then I film it.”

Kat describes the wider appeal, saying, “It’s essentially for people who eat alone, so they feel comfortable watching videos, and they feel like they’re eating with someone.”

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