Bradley Cooper at the time he was held at knifepoint

Actor Bradley Cooper long and successful career, recently expanding his talent in the world of directing acclaimed musical drama a star is born, His character Jackson Maine suffered a terrible fate in the third act of the film, and it is revealed that Cooper has had some scary encounters in real life. Because he just revealed the time he was caught at knifepoint… and it wasn’t that long ago.

Bradley Cooper’s story about being held at knifepoint comes from his recent appearance on Dax Shepard chair specialist podcast. two are close friends, but not even the host of the beloved podcast had heard this story before. Cooper was stopped at knifepoint while waiting for the subway, but was basically confused because he had noise-canceling headphones. As he shared,

I used to walk around New York City all the time [headphones] But… it was pre-pandemic. I was on the subway at 11:45 to pick up Lee Up downtown at the Russian school and I was caught at knifepoint. It was crazy enough. But I realized that I had found the way, very comfortable in the city. My guard was down.

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