BOTW’s prediction had the same problem as Star Wars’

Breath of the Wild and Star Wars have nothing to do with how their different prophecies are misunderstood, resulting in catastrophe.

The Fall of Hyrule 100 Years Ago The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Based on a prophecy that seems to have been misinterpreted. Although the prophecy would eventually come to fruition after Link’s resurrection, it came at the cost of countless lives. This twist of fate is oddly similar to the prophecy of the Jedi’s chosen one star warsWhere the sequence of events takes longer than expected, resulting in an unexpected disaster.

star wars’ The prequel movies revolve around a prophecy that claims that a very powerful Jedi will emerge to bring balance to the force by wiping out the Sith. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Genie believes the Chosen One is Anakin Skywalker, a guy on Tatooine with an incredibly high midi-chlorian count. star wars‘ Prequel Jedic wielding an incredible amount of power and influence, only to be threatened by a small number of emerging Sith. While the Jedi Council was apprehensive about the training of Anakin, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi, they believed that Anakin was the chosen one. The prophecy appeared to be false when Anakin swore an oath to Darth Sidious and cleansed the Jedi Temple during the execution of Order 66.

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Shortly after the link emerges from the Shrine of the Resurrection breath of the wild, he learns of a similar prophecy in Hyrule that predicted victory over a greater evil. Its description comes from the ghost of King Rome Bosphoramus Hyrule when he guides the player. breath of the wildGreat Plateau Tutorial, When faced with the return of calamity Gon, it was predicted that “The power to oppose it is dormant under the ground.The Hylians proceed to search for and excavate the divine beasts and guardians who unleashed the first great disaster 10,000 years ago. Lightning appears to be underground, however, when disaster Gon takes command of the Guardians and ruins Hyrule. gave.

BotW and Star Wars predictions are both fulfilled years later

Breath of the Wild and Star Wars prophecies come true years later than expected, causing irreparable damage

the primary narrative inspiration behind star wars The prequel is meant to refer to the rise, fall, and redemption of Darth Vader, perhaps the most iconic villain in film history. Although this almost entirely came at the expense of the Jedi Order, Vader’s redemption through betraying Sidious eventually fulfilled the prophecy of the Chosen One. Said prophecy is later weakened by the return of Sidious sequels star wars Video games have been ignoredBut Vader’s legacy still lives on.

breath of the wild Similarly the front of the prophecy depicts catastrophic failure, but the delayed fulfillment may have come from simply a misinterpretation. Fragments of the combat robots, once discovered, seem like the obvious subject of a prophecy told to King Rome, especially since he had once rebuked the calamity Gon before. A century after the destruction of Hyrule, the power to oppose Ganon finally came from beneath the ground. Each ancient shrine is primarily underground, subjected to a series of trials aimed at preparing him for the battle against the calamity Ganon. King Rome presented the prophecy as false, leading to a major social collapse such as star warsBut the key to defeating Calamity Gone breath of the wild It’s actually underground.

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