BOTW Player Incredibly Gets Two Star Pieces In Lucky Drop

Lucky Breath of the Wild player finds two rare star fragments on the same landing site after more than 1,100 hours of playing on Switch.

lucky one Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The player was able to find two star fragments at the same drop site. Skilled fan. uncovering a variety of neat tricks when playing the latest installment of Nintendo The long-running dungeon-crawling RPG franchise ranges from using Link’s trusty new MasterCycle as a makeshift jetski to obtaining the usually tough Master Sword by setting up a campfire for the night.

In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Star fragments are among the rare items that Link can obtain during his journey to save the kingdom of Hyrule from the threat of the disaster Gannon threatens. These star-shaped crystals fall from the sky at night, making their mark with a glowing yellow beam. They disappear without a trace at sunrise, making Star Fragments incredibly valuable in Hyrule. Link can sell them for 300 rupees per piece, and can also use them while crafting Some BotW armor and weapons To unlock special bonuses.

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Last week, Reddit users 8Kyleros9 Posted a clip of an extremely lucky chance encounter. It begins with Link riding to the site of a Star Fragment landing on his mastercycle during a session. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but by the time the legendary hero reaches the spot to claim the rare crystal, he’s found two. 8kyleross9 notes they’ve put in over 1,100 hours breath of the wild On Nintendo Switch, but this is the first time they’ve explored Star Fragment’s Double Cache. Other players in the comments section pointed out how rare this is, revealing that they are only able to find one Star Fragment at a time, even after playing 8kyleross9 for twice as long.

However many breath of the wild Players reveal clever exploits Solving a difficult puzzle or obtaining an extremely rare item are just a few examples of players getting lucky and encountering a random glitch or rare event in the open world of Hyrule. One breath of the wild When a Hawking Guardian suddenly became unable to injure Link, the player was able to complete a major Test of Strength Shrine challenge. Another received an unexpected sidekick when Goron Champion Uenobo decided to follow Link throughout his journey. developers behind breath of the wild has even gone on record saying that he intentionally omitted some of these of botw The most notable glitches persist because of how much fun they make the overall experience of the latest legend of Zelda Brave act.

It is not clear whether two star fragments are likely to be discovered in 8kyleross9. breath of the wild there is yet another One or more of these glitches is an incredibly rare but intentional in-game occurrence, but it’s a lucky find all the same. After all, now Link will be considering either 600 bucks or some nice armor upgrades for his next big quest.

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Source: 8kyleross9/Reddit

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