Boss Baby: Family Business Voice Cast: Where You’ve Seen the Family Business Actors Before

Amy Sedaris (Tina Templeton)

a new addition to The Boss Baby: Family Business Tina Templeton is an undercover executive of Babycorp, as was her uncle, and the youngest daughter of now-adult Tim. Portrayed by Amy Sedaris, Tina is just as serious about business as her uncle.

Amy Sedaris has voice work in her role, including performances. chicken Little and Third Shrek. In Disney’s live-action remake The Lion King, Amy Sedaris did the voice work for Guinea Fowl. However, he has also made several live-action appearances, including in the cult horror film, Jennifer’s Body, comedy old dog, and an appearance in jon favreau movie, Chef.

Sedaris has appeared in several television shows – almost too many guest appearances to mention. However, some of his highlights include the lead role. The Heart, She Haller Hershey as Hershey, a minor recurring role in Mandalorianhandjob And in the Netflix series, Bojack Horseman as Princess Caroline. and many people are likely to know him best from the role he played stranger with candy.

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