Bosch Spinoff and Lincoln Lawyer Connection Explained

Lincoln Lawyer and Bosch: The Legacy are both based on the novels by Michael Connelly. Are their characters as connected in the show as they are in the books?

Here’s an explanation behind whether or not Netflix is ​​there Lincoln Lawyer And this BOSCH By-product, Bosch: Legacy, are really connected. Produced by David E. Kelly and A+E Studios, Lincoln Lawyer was picked up by Netflix in early 2021, and Bosch: Legacy (which was announced by Amazon ahead of the release of the crime drama’s final season) hit the company’s freevy streaming service in early May 2022. BOSCH Showrunner Eric Overmire is a producer Bosch: LegacyAs is Michael Connelly, whose novels first started the franchise.

A TV adaptation of the Connelly books revolving around Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch first aired on Amazon Prime in 2014. Titus Welliver plays the titular L.A. homicide detective with a love for jazz and a heavy past that haunts him during the show’s 7-season crimefighting. Also based on Connelly’s work, the Matthew McConaughey-starring legal thriller Lincoln Lawyer came out in 2011; Project meeting with generally positive reception. and by May 2022, Lincoln Lawyer session 1 is streaming on Netflix — but, this time, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo stars as LA defense attorney Mickey Haller instead of McConaughey.

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Whereas BOSCH With Season 7 ending the original series, fans of the show and Michael Connelly’s work quickly learned that they had much more to see around the time of its end. A major component of this was that the upcoming BOSCH spinoff and Lincoln Lawyer Both shows will be based on characters from two different series of novels by the best-selling author. Here’s how the stories and characters from these two crime dramas connect based on Connelly’s work, as well as the potential for dialogue between the two projects.

Crossover Potential: How Harry Bosch and the Lincoln Lawyer Are Related

It is clear that a crossover between BOSCH And Lincoln Lawyer would have made sense for a number of reasons, one of them being that Bosch’s Harry Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller Many things are in common, including family. For one, some overlapping in his respective work as LAPD homicide detective and Los Angeles defense attorney would seem inevitable. With the characters both living in Los Angeles and working on criminal cases, their professional lives almost seem to intersect at some point. Also, within the novels, the two characters interact – with Harry Bosch appearing. Lincoln Lawyer Book series from time to time and vice versa. And not only do they have a professional relationship, but the two characters are also biologically related.

TV series version of Lincoln Lawyer Connelly’s book Brass Verdict, the second novel in Connolly’s series, revolves around Haller—Bosch’s half-brother. Both share the same father, lawyer J. Michael Haller shares. Detective Bosch is primarily featured in brass verdict, In the story, Bosch and Haller are forced to work together to investigate the murder of a Hollywood lawyer. Multiple Connelly novels too Haller is featured alongside Bosch as one of the main characters.

Despite Family Connection, Bosch and Lincoln Lawyers Are Not Connected

Bosch: Legacy 101 Maddy and Harry

Despite being a missed opportunity for the two series not to feature crossovers in some capacity, they are not directly connected. Michael Connelly himself confirmed this in a May 2022 interview AARPSaying, “Since we have competing studios, there will be no such thing on the showThough unfortunate, it’s a valid point; Amazon owns BOSCH shows and netflix is ​​home Lincoln Lawyer Chain, For now, the characters are related only by blood, but the connection doesn’t go beyond that outside of the books. Fortunately, Connelly isn’t bothered by rights issues taking away the possibility of his two characters interacting on-screen. On the contrary, he tactfully stated about the situation in the above interview, “I understand. But if we get Amazon and Netflix to work together, we can also solve world peace,

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