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7. Donor had directed Feldman Inn crooks and invited him to meet Schumacher the Lost Boys, And when he did, the director gave Feldman a little homework to get the feel right for super-serious vampire hunter Edgar Frog: Hire. Sylvester Stallone And Chuck Norris Think movies, and Rambo.

“‘He’s your character. I want you to put all these people together and make something out of it,'” Feldman Remembered that The director is telling him. “So that’s what I did.”

jamison newlanderwho played Edgar’s equally serious brother, Allen, had first encountered Schumacher when the director spoke to him in his acting class, so he was able to pay little attention to him when he auditioned. Were.

“The Frog Brothers will always be two of my favorite characters from any of my films,” Schumacher said in the making-off feature. “You wish you knew them. They are singularly focused.”

Corey HamFresh from his breakout performance as a sweet, grumpy nerd lucas (and has already starred in a werewolf movie called silver bullet), there was a call to go to Warner Bros. to meet with Schumacher—and as the director saw him, Haim recalled, “He said, ‘Hey, Sam.'”

Sam is Sam Emerson, Michael’s younger brother, who thankfully happens to befriend the vampire hunters from the town’s friendly neighborhood, who are desperate to help save Sam from David’s clutches.

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