BIP: Blake Horstmann’s dream of playing stagecoach is coming true

Drama surrounds BIP’s Blake Horstman after their two hook-ups on Stagecoach 2019. But this year, he’s achieving his dream of DJing at the festival.

romantic activities of bachelor in heavenBlake Horstman on Stagecoach 2019 may have upset her, but that hasn’t stopped her from returning this weekend to fulfill a dream: DJing at a country music festival. after joining two friends Heaven competitors In a pre-production incident, Blake could not avoid being negatively associated with Stagecoach. But in 2021, Blake expressed his desire to DJ on a set and indicated that he had “be in conversation“With the organizers. Now, Blake is moving from attendee to talent on April 30.

Feather bachelor in heaven Season 6, the image of Blake’s good man built on Becca Kufrin’s season The Bachelorette was broken immediately. It was revealed that, in 2019’s Stagecoach, he had linked back-to-back nights with Christina Schulman and Kellyanne Miller-Keyes. According to Kellyanne, Blake wanted to hide her brief fling from Bachelor Nation, which made her feel like “slimy, hideous secretIn a desperate attempt to capitalize on his reputation, Blake releases private text exchanges To show his side of the story between the two.

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It was a messy situation, but Blake is going into Stagecoach 2022 with one goal in mind — to keep the crowd entertained. On Instagram, blake Shared that their set is scheduled for Saturday at 8 pm on Honky Tonk stage. He provided a glimpse (seen below) of what his set consisted of, including an energetic country/pop mix of Russell Dickerson’s hit “Blue Tacoma” and Louv’s “I Like Me Better”. The festival takes place from April 29 to May 1 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

As Blake sings, dances and bangs his head along to his musical composition, he appears to be fully in his element, which was picked up by many of his followers. Demi Burnett, a partner Heaven Season 6 The contestant, furious, “oh happy blackeyeMichael Elio, the fan-favorite single dad of Katie Thurston’s season The Bachelorettesaid, “I like to see dreams come true. don’t take prisonersEven the official Stagecoach account commented, “blake means business y’allA fan jokingly suggested to Blake that “Remix In Those Paradise Stagecoach Quotes,

Although Blake’s post received a slew of critical comments, it had nothing to do with his DJ abilities. Instead, fans felt that her tank top, which exposed a large portion of her chest, could have been cleaned up a bit. One comment read,Laughing hysterically at that fight you should have gotten that shirt off with a lawn mower“However, the fact is that Negativity focuses on Blake The wardrobe, not his mix, is a testament to his DJ talent. It’s a career path he takes seriously, with shows regularly booked at Denver-based Mile High Spirits.

Despite the high level of tension between Blake, Christina and Kellyanne bachelor in heaven, all have moved on from the play after three years. Kellyanne is happily dating Dean Unglert, Blake is enjoying the full-circle experience of stagecoach, and Christina has no hard feelings. on a separate Instagram post, which shows blake Upon arriving at the sunny site, Christina commented, “Mr. Stagecoach Himselfto which he replied,See you better this weekend!“This time around, it will be a platonic meeting because Blake is still quietly dating Giannina Gibelikstar of love is blind session 1.

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