Bill Murray breaks silence on complaint of malpractice closing Aziz Ansari’s film

Recently, actor and comedian Aziz Ansari is working on his feature directorial debut, to be mortal, However, the production suffered a setback after a crew member filed a complaint against one of the film’s stars, Bill Murray. as of right now, filming has stopped by Searchlight Pictures. While the status of the film is unclear, Murray has broken his silence on the complaint against him and clarified where things are currently in the situation.

When the complaint was initially filed, it was not clear against whom it was filed. Shortly thereafter, 71-year-old Bill Murray was called the recipient. The veteran star discussed the matter CNBC, stating that he had “differences” with a female co-worker who was working with him on set. While Murray did not give specifics about the incident, he did say he had time to reflect on things:

I did something that I thought was funny and didn’t take it that way. Right now we are talking and we are trying to make peace with each other. We’re both professionals, we like each other’s work, I think we like each other and if we can’t really get along and trust each other there’s no way to work further. Or there is no point in making a film. It has been quite educative for me.

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