Big Brother: 10 Funny Memes About Losing Contestants

with the 24th edition of elder brother Currently running, fans of the show are busy familiarizing themselves with the latest batch of houseguests. All sixteen are new to sports and reality TV in general, so fans have a lot to learn about them. While more serious and factual discussions about contestants are often common, as well as more humorous dialogue, memes and jokes are often created from absurd events in the series.

Memes are among the most popular aspects of the Internet, because everyone loves a good laugh. elder brother Being broadcast three times a week on television, as well as having a 24/7 online live feed, there is a huge amount of material to turn into a meme. While not every houseguest would be lucky enough to win their season, some of the losers became the focus of some really hilarious memes.

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Janelle Pierzina (Season 6, 7, 14, and 22)

Janelle is one of the most decorated players elder brother, appearing in four seasons and making it twice on the finale night. Her two third-place finishes and countless competition victories left victory as the only thing on her resume, so she returned for season 22 to try to get the elusive title. Unfortunately, his game was blown up pretty quickly.

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She dropped to fourteenth place, with both Nicole Anthony and Nicole Frenzel serving as major catalysts for her early exit. Janelle trusted them both, but the feeling was not mutual. The Season 6 photo of Janelle posing with plastic rats comes in handy, as the two Nicolas reveal all the secrets they’ve told, turning the house against her.

Jeff Schroeder (seasons 10 and 13)

Jeff won America’s Favorite Player of the Year in both his seasons, and moments like this were a huge reason. his wife made of appearances, Jordan Lloyd, may have more iconic quotes More than that, but his infamous “Technotronics” gaffe has become legendary. elder brother history.

The theme of Season 20 was technology, hence the creation of the term Technotronics by Jeff brought back to life. No one really knows what his intended term was, but fans can assume it had something to do with technology or electronics.

Becky Burgess (Season 17)

While people said that most memes about quotes include some kind of picture or alterations to enhance it, some quotes are good enough on their own that no intervention is needed. Season 17’s Becky Burgess delivered one of these, one of the busiest and most dramatic weeks of the season.

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As all retail workers unfortunately know, Black Friday can be a terrible day at work. Long lines and snarling customers can cause a lot of stress, much like stress. elder brother The guests of the house have to face. Vanessa Russo was chaotic at times, with her relentless intrigue and her emotional outbursts, but Becky was convinced she could end it because of her past in retail. Her quote was true and relatable, but Vanessa eventually got the last laugh by making it to the top three.

Kevin Campbell (Season 11 and 22)

After his third-place finish in season 10, Kevin was generally considered a The houseguest who should have got a second chance at home. His gameplay was underrated and often overlooked, and his handling of a housewife hearing outrageous abuses for him was commendable. He finally got his redemption shot in Season 22, and even though he never made it to Finale Night again, he provided solid meme-worthy material.

Being unable to eat most foods has been a big part of it. elder brother, And over the past few seasons, he has been picked up by HoH rather than earned in competitions. Kevin was an outsider for most of his season, which did not lead to his frequent likes. He had little time to enjoy foods like tacos, so it’s hard to blame him for stuffing his face with delicious food.

Annie Whittington (Season 12)

among us-Themed memes took over the internet when the game exploded in 2020, so it was only a matter of time before it was used elder brother as its inspiration. The producers had to go back a bit in time to make a good one, but it was absolutely worth it how it ended.

Season 12 featured a sabotage twist, one of most creative twist elder brother ever had, Houseguest Annie Whittington was tapped for vandalism and sabotage, as voted on by the audience. His role was very similar to what one might play while playing among us,

Enzo Palumbo (Season 12 and 22)

Enzo was one of the most quotable houseguests in both seasons. elder brother on which they competed, delivered a endless stream of funny quotes, both in the diary room and while chatting with his housemates. Of all his utterances, his most iconic quote may also be one of his simplest; “Yo!”

Whether it was being used as a greeting or as a way to end his sentences, the words “yo” and enzo went together as well as any performance did. He scored deep in both his seasons leading up to the night finale, but eventually came up short both times. He missed out on becoming a two-time champion, but he added a lot of fun to at least both of his seasons, yo.

Belle Dayton (Season 20 and 22)

Many may groan over particularly cheeky sentences, but a well-executed turn of phrase is sure to get a lot of laughs with the right audience. Belle Dayton received a lot of support from fans throughout her two seasons, but this meme about her impending expulsion was simply too good to pass up.

Her nickname in the house was Bay, so any chef who has a stocked pantry could make a joke. Bay leaves are a common spice added to dishes to add some flavor, but in terms of elder brotherIt is about a dear houseguest who is at the end of his summer vacation.

Nicole Anthony (Season 21 and 22)

The Season 21 finale is notorious for being extremely controversial, and even a little sad for a night that is supposed to be joyful and festive. It has shown one of the few times Julie Chen gets combative with the houseguestAnd the winner, Jackson Mitchie, didn’t seem too happy with his win because the grilling had already gotten him right.

Fan-favourite houseguest Nicole Anthony came in third and won America’s Favorite Player, shifting the celebrations towards her. At least for this season, the third place finisher was the true winner and the one who got all the kudos for the night.

Kesar Ridha and Memphis Garrett (Season 22)

The memes that are relatable are usually the best and most popular, and this meme from Saffron and Memphis on Season 22 is exactly that. The combination of families that might never hang out together if it weren’t the in-laws every holiday would be, and Memphis and Saffron reveal how they are, it’s a setup that looks pretty familiar.

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What makes the meme even more fun is how Kasar and Memphis were in a similar situation. While the meme is a screenshot of a moment and doesn’t represent their relationship throughout the season, they were very different people from different backgrounds who probably wouldn’t interact much if it weren’t for living in the same house for the summer. .

Joseph “Pooch” Pucciarelli (Season 24)

Season 24 has just started, but fans of elder brother Already working hard to curate hilarious memes about it. Pooch was the second homeless houseguest of the season, but he left at least one quote that will be remembered for years to come.

Believing that most Live Feed subscribers only watch a little each day may not be an unfounded assumption, but a vast majority of feed viewers watch a lot. to subreddit elder brother There are nightly threads for night owls to discuss what’s going on. elder brother Fans are devoted, and the pooch will certainly feel that one once he’s back on social media.

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