Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes and Movies to Watch When You Nurse Your Food Hangover – E! Online

“Can someone vacuum before they come?”

Chances are you’ve heard one of your parents request this if you’re home for Thanksgiving, a time full of turkey and stuffing yourself, pumpkin pie and lots of weird little things with family members. What you see often You go to the dentist.

“I know, I can’t believe it’s been this long.” “Yeah, I’m still single.” “No, I haven’t seen yellowstone yet.” And let’s not even begin the moment when politics inevitably comes two or three bottles of wine later…

But 2021 may be a little different due to the coronavirus pandemic, which may deter some people from spending their holidays with their family members. And we’re not going to lie, we’re going to miss those uncomfortable confections over Aunt Maureen’s runny green bean casserole.

And so you need comfort food. No, we’re not talking about the feast you’ve been eagerly waiting for, we’re talking about the comfort food for your soul that only a TV show or movie can provide.

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